Alsace Wine Producers: Scheidecker-Zimmerlin, Mittelwihr

Mittelwihr is an important viticultural village with almost 200 hectares of vines, right in the heart of Alsace. In contrast to Bennwihr, no cooperative was formed in Mittelwihr after the destruction of the two villages in 1944. Therefore, the village boast some 40 producers. Some are located along the busy road, but you will in fact find the majority in the modern residential areas on the slopes west of the village. Here, in one-family houses, superb wines are made and offered at very moderate prices.

One of those producers is Philippe Scheidecker. In modern, but humble premises this sympathetic and hospitable producer makes solid wines in the full but classic style, typical of the village. The total area is 7 hectares; a recent expansion added a few of these as well as the suffix - Zimmerlin.

The strength of Scheidecker is certainly the wines from the three Grands Crus. From Grand Cru Sporen, mostly famed for outstanding Gewurztraminer, Scheidecker makes a Riesling. Sporen is on marl low in lime, and is actually not the most suitable for Riesling, but just like Edgar Schaller (Mittelwihr) and Frédéric Engel (Riquewihr), Philippe Scheidecker carefully expresses the unique feature of Sporen and makes a Riesling with personality, longevity and a hint of smoke.

The pride of Mittelwhir is the 12 hectare Grand Cru Mandelberg. From this cold soil, favoured by a very good microclimate, makes a firm, fine and focused Gewurztraminer. However, the wine to die for is certainly the Muscat Grand Cru Froehn. This terroir, which is hard to cultivate due to slides in the stratified soil, is planted with Muscat. Just like Becker (Zellenberg), Scheidecker makes a lovely, seductive and fresh Muscat of very high standard from a terroir that appears superior for this (or these, there are two Muscat varieties) illusive variety.

Philippe Scheidecker is a good and worthy representative of all what Alsace stands for, care, openness and strong yet sound feeling for the soil and tradition.

Latest visit: 2008



Key Persons
Philippe Scheidecker
13, rue des Merles, Mittelwihr
+33 (0)389 49 01 29
price Range (2008)
Riesling Générique €5,00
Riesling Grand Cru Sporen €7,50.
Intensive and balanced wines with terroir characteristics.
Personal, very friendly and open. No English.
Grands Crus: Froehn, Mandelberg, Sporen
Lieux-dits: -

Philippe Scheidecker

Representative wines 2008

Hidden Treasure
2005 Muscat Grand Cru Froehn Fresh, complex aroma with some acidity that reveals the classic Muscat à petits grains. Off-dry, velvety, smooth, typical, long taste with a charming finish with mint and crushed grapes. Very attractive price: € 8,00.
Basic Riesling
2004 Riesling Very pure, developed aroma with fine minerality. A bit hard, but fruity taste with a firm backbone, crisp acidity and some length.
Top Range Riesling
2004 Riesling Grand Cru Sporen Very complex, spicy almost smokey aroma. Intense, powerful attack on the palate and a succulent, dry taste with layers of Riesling fruit and zesty acidity.
Most Exciting Wine
2004 Riesling Grand Cru Sporen Selection de Grains Nobles Sweet but fresh aroma with coings, mandarin, nuts and smoke. Exotic and elegant, medium weight taste of roasted hazelnuts, caramel and dried fruits. Would, also according to Philippe Scheidecker, have benefitted from a touch more acidity.