Presentations of producers of Alsace


The producers presented on this site are all worth a visit. They make wines typical of the region, and present wines with special qualities. They have an additional thing in common, namely that they all want to express something though their wines, such as tradition, terroir or their ambtion to bring their wines to perfection.

Although hospitality and convivialié is commonplace in Alsace, small producers that are happy to receive interested and knowledgeable visitors are probably overrepresented in the selection.

All wines have been sampled by myself and someone else, mostly my wife Catarina. This makes the impressions much more reliable than if it had been an effort by a single person.

Before the portraits are published, a few random wines have been tasted at home to verify, or falsify, the impression on site.

Certainly, all tasters prefer certain wines and certain styles before others. However, as an amateur it would be grossly wrongful to criticize or make harsh judgements regarding skilled producers. Of course, we have visited producers where we have decided to refrain from making any comments at all.

The tasting notes have been taken directly from by notebook. The wines presented as Wine of the Week have been tasted at home under comfortable conditions.