Alsace wine producer: Audrey and Christian Binner, Ammerschwihr

In Alsace, there is a number of environmentally oriented producers who push the limits for what is technically possible. On of these is Audrey and Christian Binner in Ammerschwihr.

These producers grow their grapes organically, but in addition they strive to vinify as naturally as possible with a minimum of sulphur addition, preferable not even at bottling. To manage, one has to make a wine that is as biochemically stable as possible. At Binners, this is accomplished by fermenting as much as sugar as possible, allowing malo-lactic transformation and storing and bottling the wine under reducing conditions keeping some carbon dioxid in the wine at all stages.

Binner also offers two bootlings of some wines, one filtered and the other non-filtered. My impression is that the non-filtered wines of Binner are a trace more complex both on th enose and on the palate.

The result is aromatic and dry wines with a lot of personality and somewhat unpredictable character. While the big export houses make wines that are similar year after year, vintages after vintage, Binner offer a range with large variations in tastes and aromas. Although these wines may be wonderful, this is not what the authorities look for.

However, one must understand that the role of the authorities is to ensure that the consumers get what they expect, based on a perception of what is the tradition in the region. Hence, INAO has no development perspective at all, and maybe the tendency of INAO to confine the creativity of progressive producers is understandable in some sense.

Binner cultivates 7 ha, mainly on Grand Cru Kaefferkopf, a terroir that in some areas have a colluvial granitic top soil over a marly bedrock. If you want to experience what a young and daring alsacian generation is up to, do not hesitate to explore Domaine Binner in Ammerschwihr. Binner has more than 60 wines on his card, and this enthusiastic producer will keep your palate busy!



Key persons
Audrey and Christian Binner
2, rue des Romain, towards Kaysersberg.
+33 (0)389 78 23 20
+33 (0)389 78 14 17 (fax)
Price range (2006)
Riesling Ammerschwihr €8,60
Riesling Grand Cru Kaefferkopf €14
Ecological wines full of character, not main stream!
Very enthusiastic, full of whit and committment. Book in advance. Good English.
Grands Crus: Kaefferkopf, Wineck-Schlossberg
Lieux-dits: Hinterberg, Sonnenberg


Selected representative wines 2006

Hidden Treasure
2004 Muscat Wonderful grape aroma with typical Muscat à Petit Grains mintiness. Long, focused flavour with a unique mix of minerals and easy going fruit. A charmer!
Basic Riesling
2001 Riesling Vignoble de Katzenthal very mature aroma with a refined tough of honey. The taste is pure with fine acidity and a good middle palate, well balanced and a touch of very pleasent bitterness.
Top Range Riesling
1997 Riesling Kaefferkopf Very refined aroma of citrus and petrol. The taste is mature with very good body. A full 15 g/liter R.S. is totally integrated after almost 10 years of cellaring. Drinks wonderfully!
Most Exciting Wine
>2000 Muscat Kaefferkopf VT Breathtaking aroma with a good deal of mint. Sweet, complex, fresh taste with a very long taste with frruit, spice and mint. Excellent!