Albert Mann

Alsace wine producer: Albert Mann, Wettolsheim

Albert Mann is a progressive domaine that must be ranked among the very top of Alsace producers. Since 1984, it is run by Jacky and Maurice Barthelmé. The latter is married to Marie-Claire, granddaughter of the late Albert Mann.

The family has close family ties with the owners of Paul Blanck in Kientzheim which explains why vines on the two Grands Crus of Kientzheim, Furstentum and Schlossberg are included in the portfolio of Albert Mann.

Besides the above mentioned, Albert Mann farms land on Grands Crus Hengst (Wintzenheim) and Steingrubler (Wettolsheim) and some outstanding Lieux-dits. In all, the domaine covers 19 ha in as much as 8 communes.

The style is powerful with full respect for the terroir. Albert Mann works with high ecological ambitions, and applies a minimum of fertilizers in the vineyards. Hard pruning results in low yields and high must weights. On remarkable terroirs as Hengst and Furstentum, which naturally offers high acidity, the overall result is complex wines with superiour balance and outstanding cellaring potential.

For the basic cuvées, Albert Mann uses screw caps, a very wise decision illustrating the respect that the domaine shows its customers. The families are very hospitable, the tasting room is well staffed and the website of the domaine is quite informative.

In recent years, this dynamic domaine has risen to the level of the very top producers in Alsace, and thus in France and consequently also in the entire world. However, in contrary to other domaines at this level, the wines of Albert Mann are never overly extrovert or "showey". The just express true class based on genuine savoir faire and respect for the terroirs, for the present and for the future.

First visit: 2005
Latest visit: 2011



Key persons
Maurice and Jacky Barthelmé
13, rue du Château
+33 (0)389 80 62 00
+33 (0)389 80 34 23 (fax)
Price range (2011)
Riesling Cuvée Albert €14
Riesling Furstentum €25
Full and balanced from superior terroirs.
Very good and competent. Good English.
Grands Crus: Furstentum, Schlossberg, Hengst, Steingrubler
Lieux-dits: Altenbourg, Rosenberg, Henbourg


Selected representative wines 2011

Hidden Treasure
2007 Pinot Gris Hengst Complex, fresh aroma with toffee, raspberries, licrice and some botrytis. Very long taste with dried fruits, generous fruit, a hint of minerality and outstanding acidity. A brilliant wine. and a bargain at €19.50.
Basic Riesling
2009 Riesling Cuvées Albert Vital, young and an aroma of wet stones, apples and citrus. Well structured, fairly light wine with some fruit, ripe acidity and a hint of sweetness.
Top Range Riesling
2009 Riesling Grand Cru Furstentum Classic, complete aroma of loads of smoke and sweet, mature fruit. The taste follows the aroma, showing citrus and layers of minerality. A first class wine from a first class terroir.
Most Exciting Wine
2009 Pinot Noir "H" Spicey, complex aroma of cherries, rubber, cinnamon, cardemom and som boiled carrots. Superb, powerful taste with layers of fruit, mature tannins and coffee and chocolate in the finish.