Alsace villages to visit: Orschwihr, Haut--Rhin



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12 km south-west of Colmar.
Vineyard area
190 ha
Grand cru
Bollenberg, Lippelsberg
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There is one single reason to go to Orschwihr − the wines!

The village is somewhat hidden in the valley connecting Bergholtz and Soultzmatt. Although the town is very old, mentioned as early as 728, two devastating fires, the last in 1934 have destroyed the historic parts of Orschwihr.

As a a wine lover, one has to seek comfort in the fact that the village hosts more than 20 growers.

The Grand Crus Pfingstberg and Lieu-dit Bollenberg form the backbone of the production. The main geological component of Pfingstberg is sandstone and marl. The protected situation, the fairly warm and well drained soil in combination with a moderate content of lime, makes Pfingstberg ideal for Pinot Gris. Although Valentin Zusslin recently has proven the opposite, Riesling Pfingstberg is very good but seldom remarkable.

Bollenberg offers many charming wines, not the least Muscat and Sylvaner. Take a day or two to go treasure hunting in Orschwihr! It will give you many pleasant surprises and many new friends.

Producers to visit

Lucien Albrecht, 9 Grand Rue, +33 (0)389 76 95 18
Forget Lucien Albrecht! In 2013 the firm went bankrupt, allegedly with close to 100 million Euros in debt. For many years, the owner had been playing a double game. Sadly, not least for all the hard working suppliers of wine and grapes.
Camille Braun, 16 Grand Rue, +33 (0)389 76 95 20
A family estate dating back to 1960. Has vines on Pfingsberg and Bollenberg as well as Lippelsberg, the area between the road to Soultzmatt and Pfingstberg. The wines are very good, straight across the line but Pinot Gris Pfingsberg stands out. Overall a charmer! (Despite the spelling, Camille used to be a name for both male and female).
Valentin Zusslin, 57 Grand Rue, +33 (0)389 76 82 84
Organically oriented producer making outstanding Riesling Pfingstberg. Established 1691 and now run by generation 13 Jean-Paul and Marie. Look for Clos Liebensberg and Bollenberg. Very, very good!
Francois Braun, 19-21 Grand Rue, +33 (0)389 76 95 13
Thought to make some of the best Riesling Pfingstberg, but the medium range a bit to blowsy.
Francois Schmitt 19, rue de Soultzmatt +33 (0)389 76 08 45
Got attention with the Gewurztraminer 2002, the best value in Alsace according to Tom Stevenson in 2004. Hospitable, cosy grower with an increasingly strong reputation.