Alsace villages to visit: Niedermorschwihr, Haut-Rhin



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5 km west of Colmar.
Vineyard area
96 ha
Grand cru
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Niedermorschwihr is a gem. Hiding beneath the incredibly steep Grand Cru Sommerberg, Niedermorschwihr is a single street village, formed by medieval houses. The balconies hang over the street, just like in an old Hollywood stage setting, leaving no room for high trucks.

The most well known family of the village, Boxler, immigrated from Switzerland in the 17th century, filling the vacuum after the 30-years war.

Although a small part of Grand Cru Sommerberg falls into Katzenthal, this dramatic vineyard is the soul of Niedermorschwihr. The inclination of Sommerberg is partially a high a 45 degrees. Hence some parcels need walls to make the soil stay on the slope. Where no tractors can make it, all work has to be manual.

Sommerberg is granitic. The pink rock is hard and the vineyard is a full 150 meters high, reaching as high as 410 meters. The winds sweep across the vineyard, ensuring a slow maturation process. In comparison with other granitic terroirs, a Sommerberg is not as rich as Schlossberg, it is more complex than Wineck-Schlossberg and less floral than Brand.

A walk along the upper ridge overlooking the village (see photo to the left) is simply breathtaking and highly recommended.

Many growers have land on Brand, belonging to Turkheim but situated just south of Niedermorschwihr. Some also grow in Florimont of Ingersheim.

Producers to visit

Gerhard Weinzorn et Fils, 133 rue des Trois Epis, +33 (0)389 27 40 55
At the Gerhard Weinzorn estate, also called Domaine l´Oreal, Claude Weinzhorn makes very good wines from 8 ha. The Grands Crus Sommerberg and Brand are model examples for the terroir. The Florimont made is seldomfor sale. No malo-lactic fermentation is applied. A small and perfectly organized family estate, the son Arnaud has given name to the top cuvée. Highly recommended!
Albert Boxler, 78 rue des Trois Epis, +33 (0)389 27 11 32
Jean Boxler runs this top-notch domain. The style is firm, concentrated and classic. Has vines on Sommerberg and Brand, and a spcial reputation for Pinot Blanc. The cuv&eacut;es are named according to a complicated system. To my understanding, L is Sommerberg, and L31E=standard cuvée, L31=a more mature cuvée, L31JV=young vines (jeune vignes) while L31D=vielles vignes.
Justin Boxler, 16-17 rue des Trois Epis, +33 (0)389 27 11 07
Grower with vines on four Grands Crus; Sommerberg, Brand, Florimont and Wineck-Sclossberg as well as on lieu-dit Phoeller. Uneven, but appears to have made a lot of progress recently.
Marcel och Jean-Marc Mullenbach, 12 rue des Trois Epis, +33 (0)389 27 04 13
Jean-Marc Mullenbach a happy fellow who offers a "D"gustation généreuse including wines from Sommerberg. Very good rooms.