Alsace villages to visit: Eguisheim, Haut-Rhin



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6 km south-west of Colmar.
Vineyard area
354 ha
Grand cru
Eichberg, Pfersigberg
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Eguisheim is one of the most beautiful villages of Alsace. Despite that Colmar is just around the corner, it feels like you enter paradise on Earth when you enter the town, drenched in flowers. Narrow streets, old houses, ramparts and flowers, flowers and more flowers. One of the maps carry "Berceau du vin d´:Alsace" as headline, a description right on the mark!

The village hosts at least 33 growers and two very good Grands Crus, Eichberg and Pfersigberg. They are shared with Husseren-les-Chateaux some 150 meters altitude above Eguisheim. While Pfersigberg is more restrained, Eichberg gives big wines with an exotic character. Although a matter of taste, I would rank Pfersigberg first for Riesling, Pinot Gris and Muscat while Eichberg is ideal for Gewurztraminer.

The first people at Eguisheim were Cro-Magnon some 20 000 years B.P. In more recent times, the village was mentioned at early as 720 A.D. Eguisheim has also been the home of a Pope, Leo IX who was in office 1049-1054.

If you should select a single village to visit in Alsace, choose Eguisheim!

Producers to visit

Bruno Sorg, 8 rue Monseigneur Stumpf, +33 (0)389 41 80 85
A medium-sized, charming producer with very good reputation. Sorg makes dry wines with perfect definition and superior terroir character. His Muscat Pfersigberg is legendary, the Rieslings and the Pinot Gris from Florimont and Pfersigberg are all classics, while Gewurztraminer Eichberg is huge. The Pinot Blanc is a perfect everyday wine at no money at all.
Paul Ginglinger, 8 place de Charles de Gaulle, +33 (0)389 41 44 25.
Reliable family estate with a full range of Grand Crus, all of great purity and style. Established in 1636 by Swiss settlers, filling the space after the depopulation caused by the 30-years war.
Antoine Stoffer, 21 rue Colmar, +33 (0)389 41 32 03.
An unknown producer with cellars in a modern residential area, just north of the old town. Offers wonderful Gewurztraminer Eichberg at €7.10 (2005). As all small growers, the quality is uneven with some hidden jewels. Nice reception.
Paul Zinck, 18 rue des Trois Châteaux +33 (0)389 41 19 11.
Established 1964, showing high level of ambition, both in terms of winemaking and market aspects. Has a good portfolio including Grands Crus Pfersigberg, Goldert, Eichberg and Florimont but the most interesting wine may be Grand Cru Rangen. Do not let the screw corks discourage you, they will eventually replace the corks after all.
Leon Beyer, 1 rue de la Première Armée, + 33 (0)389 21 62 30.
One of the great houses of Alsace. Famous for outstanding quality and stubborn resistance to the Grand Cru-system. Gewurztraminer Cuvée des Comtes d´Eguisheim (Eichberg) and Riesling Cuvée Particulière (Pfersigberg) should rank in the very top of Alsace wines, in their particular ultra-dry style. Remarkable wines made by a remarkable and charming family.
Emile Beyer, 7 Place du Chateau, + 33 (0)389 41 40 45.
Makes quite round wines, and received a Grand Medaille d´Or at Riesling de Monde 2004 for a 2002 Riesling Pfersigberg (€19 in 2005).